Sunday, September 23, 2007

Great Scenery to Write By

When looking for a place to mellow out and write, I have found some amazing ones. These two are very close by. You probably have a place nearby that you've never really noticed before.

This little public beach on the Connecticut shoreline is generally overlooked and nicely quiet. Perfect for plunking down an unbrella and chair and cooler and start writing. I'd rather not name it as I'm sure you'll find one near you..

This is a view of the Mystic River from downtown Mystic, Connecticut, and a lovely place to go shopping and/or eat when you're taking a break from writing. And it's so inspirational.

The day we went to Mystic there was a storm off coast and it made for some very dramatic skies. My photo doesn't really do it justice.

This is my little cat Isis. She has the right idea. After a hard day writing and windowshopping, a nap is the perfect inspiration.
"Ta ta for now," I whispered. "I'm working on another book."

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