Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happening at Nights of Passion

For two blogs in a row at Nights of Passion, I expounded on my personal preferences. Today I talked about my love of vampire movies, books, and tv shows. I think the most interesting thing I've heard in years is the rumour of putting "Dark Shadows" on the big screen. Ah, Jonathan Frid. I raced home every day from school, just to glue myself to the tv for his every performance as the tortured vampire that longed for romance. Now it appears Johnny Depp may be playing that unique vampire. I can't wait to see him try. Every "Dark Shadows" fan will be hoping it will live up to their expectations. I will be one of them. To explore the discussion about "True Blood" and some upcoming writers' conference dear to my heart, drop by Thanks. It's always lovely when you drop by.


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