Thursday, August 06, 2009

Don't Feel Like Talking--Much

I should be getting ready to leave for kickboxing. Ever notice how many shoulds there are in life. This has been a tough week. Tons of work at my day job. Large to do list at home. My characters of my in progress book are now screaming at me.

Sooner of later if you really get to talk to writers, they will tell you that their characters talk to them. My vampires will bare their fangs if they think I'm ignoring their book. I have another book about dragons--they blow fire. I find that writing demands uninterrupted time. I try to write for snatches when I get free time, but sometimes I just do a day in bed with the laptop. I know that does not sound romantic, but when you're writing adventure and romance or adventure in romance, that's the only way to do it--get cozy with your laptop. I let the air conditioner blow on the poor mechanical beast.

So now I'm off into the night. Yes, that's right, like a vampire or werewolf. I'll kickbox for 45 minutes, come home and write until I collapse. But I'll be incredibly happy typing across that keyboard as fast as I can every wonderful bleeding word. When I dream, I'll still be writing. That's what it's like inside an author's head.

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