Saturday, June 04, 2011

Goals and Compromises

I'm going to be writing everyday or almost every day at my website-- on the News page. I have some goals to work on. You might have the same ones or different ones. Let's help each other. How? With encouragement.

Goal 1: I would like to lose weight. I lost weight and then gained it all back again. Frustrating, isn't it? I'm going to exercise every day. I will post here what exercise I did. If you have this same goal, you are welcome to post what exercise you did.

Goal 2: I'm going to write a thousand words a day. That's words on a novel or novella. I not counting the words I post on a blog. i will post word count here whether I make it or not.

Goal 3: I needed to buy a new sofa. Mine... well, it sagged. Today my husband and I bought a new sofa. The one we really wanted was too big for the space. Sigh. But we compromised and bought our second choice. I wanted a great sofa to put up my feet and type like a maniac in comfort. It would also be comfy if a friend wanted to stay over and sleep on it. So GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!

This is how it works. You are welcome to post your goals and how you're doing. I will be, and together we'll encourage each other.

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Goal 1: Kickboxed this morning
Goal 2: In-progress

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