Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dreams and Snow

It's snowing in the deep woods. The world outside my cozy little house is brutally cold and yet it's mystical with white sparkling in the trail of a flashlight. Flakes dance like white pixies in the air.

My little dog loves this. Pete wants to be a Husky when he grows up. He flies off the stoop and lands in snow that blankets the yard. Tomorrow it will be deeper and I will have to rescue him. He counts on me, knowing that whatever he does, I will rescue him. Pete's such a wild ball of fluff. That's why I keep him always close to me. He doesn't go anywhere alone, but he doesn't seem to mind. I think he thinks the leash is so I won't get lost. He believes that he's supposed to watch movies and eat snacks. What a happy life he leads.

The lovely thing about snow is the dreams that grow when the world grows colder. Dreams flow through my sleep giving me epic stories to write. The white blanket temporarily blurs the world and drives us all back into our homes. It is there that we realize what we love, what we care about, and what we get to spend time doing in the home for a change separate from the world. Sometimes it's good to cherish what we have for a while. The snow makes that possible.

So if you get the chance to stay home, take it. Use it to write, to play, to do those things you don't get to do, to love, to contemplate on what make life a treasure that sparkles. Dance in your dream tonight and you'll realize . . . What you find is your treasure.

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