Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Okay to Breathe/Help a Bonsai Tree

Things are going very fast in my world and I'm working like the dickens to keep up. I'm Linked in, Facebooked, Live Journaled, have two blogs and one website. Oh, yes, I Twitter. During this I'm an associate editor for Space and Time magazine. My short story "She Came to Sing" came out in the January edition of Beyond Centauri magazine, which has sold so well that it's temporarily sold out. I'm currently trying to market my paranormal romance. And I write and edit.

For a part-time job, I'm a university webmaster. So yes, I'm traveling at lightspeed and possibly a little weird from too much chocolate. I blame Valentine's Day. That's when my romance blog, Nights of Passion, was born. It was my official entry to the world or romance, besides becoming a RWA member.

Now if you think I'm done, I'm not. To prevent myself from becoming a lump in front ot the computer, I go to a dojo and Thai kickbox. I find it very peaceful. To keep my brain and nerves from fizzing, I do spiritual exercises.

I'm a mom with two grown daughter, a husband, a dog, a cat, and a rose bush that's doing well, and a Bonsai tree that's not. Anyone with suggestions on the care and feeding of a Bonsai tree, please, help!!!

Ta ta. I'm off to update the creative writing exercise on my website.

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