Friday, February 05, 2010

Blogging, Lesson 1--Getting Your Feet Wet

Someone, I won't say her name, has requested that I give some lessons on blogging and I said, "Okay."

Lesson 1

Reason: Why do you want a blog? You're an author, an artist? You want a journal? They're lots of reasons but have that reason in mind to give some focus to your blog.

Next: Pick a name. That's right, come up with a name for the new puppy that you'll be playing with a lot. Google that name to see if it's original. You may want to change it if you find the name you've chosen is also taken by a lot of people. Anyway spend some time on a name.

Next: Location. Location is everything and if it's a good location that's free, it's even better. My personal favorites are Blogger (aka Blogspot), which is where The Writing House is hosted, and Wordpress, which is where Nights of Passion is hosted. Why do I love these two? Blogger is the easiest way to blog. Building a blog here is a very simple, step-by-step method. There are lots of pretty themes and layouts to choose from. The Writing House is my first blog. I learned a lot about blogging using it. What about Wordpress? They are also excellent. They have a lot of very fancy items you can add to your blog. I found, however, especially when I was working with pages and pages in blogs are NOT like pages on a website. They can get glitchy and do bizarre things sometimes. To have great pages on Wordpress, decide what you're going to put on them that will stay that way forever with very little changing. Then you won't have glitchy things happening. Remember the blog page is the one you will always change. The blog entry page is meant for constant changes. It's the first thing people see.

Both are lovely. People have made exceptional blogs using both.

Most important rule of blogging--Only write what you wouldn't mind your boss, your mother, your old boyfriend, every single person in the world seeing. Never say anything you would regret later.

Now choose either Wordpress or Blogger and follow their directions. Blogging is play, but take some time to learn their rules and enjoy the process.

If you want to blog, it's time to jump in. I'll be back next week.

To visit Nights of Passion to check out it's features and ask me questions, visit: Yes, I will check back and answer questions.

Ta for now.


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Annie B. said...

Question: How to we code links to open in a new window or tab? using wordpress