Monday, February 08, 2010

Lesson 2 - Linking in Blogs

I received this question: How do we code to open in a new window using wordpress?

Let's just start with links. You are in the Dashboard in Wordpress. Go down the left hand side to Post, and click Add New. You put in your title. Wordpress has an automatic system where it will index your title. That entry is actually saved by the title.

Next type in the box your blog entry. When you reach a place where you want to place a link, highlight, click the chain symbol (in Blogger it is a chain symbol on an Earth. A window will open up asking for a web address.

Example Nights of Passion I would type in and press enter or submit.

When you are done with your blog entry, press Publish on the right hand side.

When you view your blog as you would a visitor, when you roll your mouse over the link, a preview window will come up in Wordpress saying it is generating a preview. When you click on your link, it will take you to that other web site. You can arrow back to the blog.

As for opening it in a new window, I have never seen that setting for Wordpress. It is a common setting for web site design. Blogs are different. If there are any more questions about links, just ask.

So enjoy playing with your blog. More next week.


Annie B. said...

In wordpress I have a thumbs up/down thingy. Does blogspot have something similar?

Anne said...

Yea, OK, got it so far... but I still don't get the world of tags,