Sunday, February 15, 2009

Romancing the Blog

Writing takes new twists and turns and it was around April last year, that I took another author's advice and explored romance. I went to the bookstore to buy books. I picked up paranormal romance and fell in love. I've been writing at lightspeed every since.

What does that mean? I'm on a new adventure. This week I just found out that the magazine BEYOND CENTAURI which has my most current sf story, "She Came to Sing," has done so well that they are temporarily sold out. Hooray! This week a daughter announced she was engaged. This week I started submitting my new book manuscript to agents. Yes, it's a paranormal romance. I'm already writing another.

What else does this mean? A new and different blog--a romance blog. In the blurry hours before Valentine's Day morning, I built
If you're a romantic at heart, drop by. I'm talking romance with movie and book reviews, upcoming books soon to be released. Who knows? At some point, I may even be announcing my new book. Not yet though. Be patient.

Life is a romance and the lovely thing now is that science fiction and fantasy has joined the game of love.

My husband took me out to dinner and dancing for Valentine's Day. I hope your day was equally fun. Ta ta for now.

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