Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Wildness of the Season

Okay, since I'm recovering from the flu, and yes, I did get a flu shot, I find this part of the season inspiring. I love looking at the moonlight on the snow. I love the silence in the early evening. I even love the wild winds that roar through late at night. All of it lends itself to excellent dreams.

So I've finished one book and have started another. So begins the flurry of submitting and finding the balance in my day. A certain portion goes to sending things out, while another part of the day belongs to the new book. Of course, I'm working, kickboxing, and being part of a family too. Never! Never forget to hug the dog. He loves that. However, if I hug my cat, her eyes bugs out, she wiggles out of my arms, and gives me the most incredulous look as if I've lost my mind. Isis is not the warmest kitty on the planet. She believes in boundaries.

During my part unconsciousness of the flu which started last Sunday night, I started reading the TWILIGHT series. I'm halfway thorugh the 3rd book. Very intriguing.

I'm typing this during the Superbowl. They just had another beer commercial on--the one with the Clydesdale horses. I'm such a sucker for a good Clydesdale commercial. Years ago, when I was visiting Busch Gardens in Virginia, I got to see a baby Clydesdale--this very small delicate looking colt with huge feet. He was a bouncing happy guy though.

Enjoy the solitude of Winter while you can. It's nature's rest break. We can all use more sleep and dream time in our lives.

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