Friday, January 05, 2007

I can smell the ocean.

Today is January 5th and the temperature is 50 Degrees F. It's a little overcast and drizzling ever so slightly. The air is wonderful. I can smell the ocean.

Just so you have a frame of reference, I live in the woods down the street from a lake, 20 minutes away by car from a major river, and 45 minutes from the ocean. Today I definitely smell the ocean and it's filled with stories. I've loved that smell all my life. You inhale it and it's like an adventure coursing through your body. It frees the captive heart. When I smell the ocean, I don't think about errands or work, I think only of the endless possiblities in life, washed up on my shore.

Last night I stayed up to 3 am completely entranced with a short story I'm writing. It was such fun, I wasn't sleepy in the least.