Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog Lesson 3 - Tags and Categories, Labels

For our lesson today in blogging, we're going to look at tags and categories in Wordpress and labels in Blogger. What are they?

Tags and labels are the same as keywords. They make your blog searchable. That means when someone is in Google, they type in keywords for what they are trying to find. Simply saying if your keyword and their keyword match up, they may find you. I say may because your blog may not show up until they've gone several pages in. We'll save Google ranking for another time.

Categories in Wordpress is part of the internal indexing system of your blog. It allows you to find every entry written under the category or topic.

What does all of this mean? To make it easier for your viewers, in Wordpress, go to the right hand side of your dashboard and fill in the tags and then scroll down and enter your categories. Once categories are established, you have to check on them. In Blogger, fill in your labels in the box called Labels for this post.

That's it for this lesson.