Thursday, December 27, 2007

Devoted to Films--See "Once"

I love movies, especially unique and magnificient ones. I saw one today that is called "Once." It's an Irish film and the splendor of it touches you in subtle ways and by the end you're breathless. It's a story. It's music. And it's art--masterpiece kind of art. Once you see it, you'll remember "Once" forever. I know I will.

--Susan Hanniford Crowley, author

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Challenges of Writing and the Unexpected Story

I've been torn recently between my urban fantasy novel which is almost completely edited and my sf novel. I've written mostly fantasy, but it's always been my dream to write a sf novel I could be proud of and what do you know--it came along. I started writing it longhand in a journal in October. Usually I write sf in the morning and edit urban fantasy at night. But sometimes I can't help myself. I thought I would never write horror. I don't care for horror that's just gore. I like horror that creative, inventive, amazing, and unexpected. I didn't expect to write two horror stories that I recently sent out to magazines. We'll see what happens.
When I think about growing up, I have to admit that I thought Charles Addams are completely funny. I adore Tim Burton's movies. I remember when I was in college and read the real stories by the Brothers Grimm. They were frightening and you could easily understand at the time how it would terrify children how not to do something or go somewhere. They weren't just gore but really great stories that you remembered for a long time. Poe, however, was my favorite. I still remember "The Tell Tale Heart" almost by heart. They were revealing stories that not only uncovered fear but sometimes uncovered the deepest part of our consciousness. I loved Sherlock Holmes too. I don't think it was ever any one story but the depth of the character. As the reader, I was willing to follow him anywhere.

Oh, to write such wondrous tales like golden spun dreams on the edge of a twilight reality.

That's all for now as the year begins winding down.

--Susan Hanniford Crowley, Fantasy Author, but now Science Fiction and Horror Author as well