Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Okay to Breathe/Help a Bonsai Tree

Things are going very fast in my world and I'm working like the dickens to keep up. I'm Linked in, Facebooked, Live Journaled, have two blogs and one website. Oh, yes, I Twitter. During this I'm an associate editor for Space and Time magazine. My short story "She Came to Sing" came out in the January edition of Beyond Centauri magazine, which has sold so well that it's temporarily sold out. I'm currently trying to market my paranormal romance. And I write and edit.

For a part-time job, I'm a university webmaster. So yes, I'm traveling at lightspeed and possibly a little weird from too much chocolate. I blame Valentine's Day. That's when my romance blog, Nights of Passion, was born. It was my official entry to the world or romance, besides becoming a RWA member.

Now if you think I'm done, I'm not. To prevent myself from becoming a lump in front ot the computer, I go to a dojo and Thai kickbox. I find it very peaceful. To keep my brain and nerves from fizzing, I do spiritual exercises.

I'm a mom with two grown daughter, a husband, a dog, a cat, and a rose bush that's doing well, and a Bonsai tree that's not. Anyone with suggestions on the care and feeding of a Bonsai tree, please, help!!!

Ta ta. I'm off to update the creative writing exercise on my website.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Romancing the Blog

Writing takes new twists and turns and it was around April last year, that I took another author's advice and explored romance. I went to the bookstore to buy books. I picked up paranormal romance and fell in love. I've been writing at lightspeed every since.

What does that mean? I'm on a new adventure. This week I just found out that the magazine BEYOND CENTAURI which has my most current sf story, "She Came to Sing," has done so well that they are temporarily sold out. Hooray! This week a daughter announced she was engaged. This week I started submitting my new book manuscript to agents. Yes, it's a paranormal romance. I'm already writing another.

What else does this mean? A new and different blog--a romance blog. In the blurry hours before Valentine's Day morning, I built
If you're a romantic at heart, drop by. I'm talking romance with movie and book reviews, upcoming books soon to be released. Who knows? At some point, I may even be announcing my new book. Not yet though. Be patient.

Life is a romance and the lovely thing now is that science fiction and fantasy has joined the game of love.

My husband took me out to dinner and dancing for Valentine's Day. I hope your day was equally fun. Ta ta for now.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Booksigning--an education and a blast

I had the opportunity to go to a signing of 15 romance writers recently. It was great meeting them, talking about writing, and about their work. I learned firsthand a lot about presentation--how to create an inviting booksigning. There was the three long tables where the authors sat with their books ready to sigh, a table with refreshments, and give aways and prizes that were drawn from a box. I had filled out a card with my name, address, and email and put it in the box. Of all things, being on the mailing lists of authors is something I don't mind at all.

And there was all the different genres of romance to choose from ranging from contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical. It was a light-hearted, fun time. What I particularily enjoyed were the readings. At different times, it was announced that one of the authors would read. "Oh, wow!" is all I can say.

Here are the web sites of the authors I met. I've attached their links so you can visit their sites.
Annette Blair
Kristan Higgins
Marie Force
Stella Price (I actually already knew Stella.)
Jessica Andersen
Cat Johnson,
Tilly Greene
Allie Boniface
Donna Michaels
Leigh Ellwood
Denise Eagan
Emily Bryan
Isabelle Santiago
Kathryn Smith
Toni Andrews

Ah, Valentine's Day and a little romance reading is just the thing!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Wildness of the Season

Okay, since I'm recovering from the flu, and yes, I did get a flu shot, I find this part of the season inspiring. I love looking at the moonlight on the snow. I love the silence in the early evening. I even love the wild winds that roar through late at night. All of it lends itself to excellent dreams.

So I've finished one book and have started another. So begins the flurry of submitting and finding the balance in my day. A certain portion goes to sending things out, while another part of the day belongs to the new book. Of course, I'm working, kickboxing, and being part of a family too. Never! Never forget to hug the dog. He loves that. However, if I hug my cat, her eyes bugs out, she wiggles out of my arms, and gives me the most incredulous look as if I've lost my mind. Isis is not the warmest kitty on the planet. She believes in boundaries.

During my part unconsciousness of the flu which started last Sunday night, I started reading the TWILIGHT series. I'm halfway thorugh the 3rd book. Very intriguing.

I'm typing this during the Superbowl. They just had another beer commercial on--the one with the Clydesdale horses. I'm such a sucker for a good Clydesdale commercial. Years ago, when I was visiting Busch Gardens in Virginia, I got to see a baby Clydesdale--this very small delicate looking colt with huge feet. He was a bouncing happy guy though.

Enjoy the solitude of Winter while you can. It's nature's rest break. We can all use more sleep and dream time in our lives.