Sunday, September 20, 2009

So Much is Happening

Hi Everyone,

The fall is happening. The nights are getting colder and a few trees are changing color. It's also the season in my life when everything is happening at once. I have a job as a webmaster--lots of projects and meetings.

I'm now officially a romance author under contract. WHEN LOVE SURVIVES is currently in the editing stage. I'm writing another small book. It has a deadline. I'm also printing out my full length novel to send to my editor. At the same time, I'm trying to help my youngest pull together her wedding. There's just a few things left to do. Don't let me forget the runner for the aisle or the decoration for the archway.

Oh, and I'm on staff and program at Albacon, the science fiction and fantasy convention of Albany, NY, on Oct. 8-11. Thursday night there's an agent/publisher panel event. Friday there's the writer's conference with writing workshops and romance panels. From 3-5 that day in the Sovereign Best Western, the booksigning will be open to the public. If you have any of the books of Jackie Kessler, Virginia Reede, Toni Andrews, K.A. Laity, C. Marge Kempe, Cat Johnson, Audra and Stella Price, Robert C.M. DeCaprio, Melissa Mead, then Jessica Andersen, then come, meet the authors and have them signed. Books will also be on sale there as well. Vampire expert Inanna Arthen will be there with her latest book. I'm definitely getting one. By the way Audra won't be there, but Stella will.

If you're part of the convention, you can eat at the Ice Cream Social. They'll be a concert and a Vampire Ball. I'm still trying to decide what to wear.

Saturday is filled with panels on Science Fiction, the banquet, the art demonstration. I'm sure I'm forgetting things and they continue into Sunday.

I have a lot that I've posted on If you want a glimpse into my personal life, check out today's post. Coming up this week are a.c. Mason, guest Sandra Sookoo cooking up romance, BB Roberts, and Mayan doomsday author Jessica Andersen. Nights of Passion is always so much fun.

If you are so inclined to write, I've just posted the weekly writing exercise. This week I require you to get more exercise than usual. Try it out at

It's always nice to hear from people. Wherever you drop by, be sure to post and say Hi. If you're in Albany most definitely. Thanks. See you.