Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kicking the Box and Suicide

I don't usually speak about controversial topics. I vote in every election, but I don't enjoy talking politics. But today I was struck with the overwhelming feeling to speak on a subject hushed up by our society--Suicide. I read about an author, who was at the top of his profession, and he hung himself. When I read it, I couldn't breathe for a moment. Then I got angry. He had wasted his time. He had wasted my time as well as I won't get to meet him.

I'm going to be blunt here. Often when someone kills themself, they mean it as an outcry for help--rescue me before I die--or to punish someone for hurting them--or to punish the world. Sometimes they want to punish themselves for the hurt they've caused others. In the long run, they have only cheated themselves of the opportunity to make amends either to themself or others. They haven't given others the opportunity to help them. Worse yet, they've missed the step that comes after pain and sorrow--the adventure that the next day brings.

Recently, I sent my husband to Ireland to see his family. Most writers don't have a lot of money. I'm one of them. Even though it was a pretty penny, it was worth a million to hear his experiences. He told me that he felt like Frodo and around every corner was a new adventure.

That's what life is. Every moment, around every corner, there is a new adventure. There are people waiting to meet us. Something we say or write may make them laugh or cry--it's a sharing of the adventure. Something they say or write may make us laugh or cry. If you kill yourself, you miss out. And all of us miss you.

Each of us is important to the world. If we were missing, something would be missing. People we haven't met yet would not receive the gift that is us. Don't waste the gift that is you! If you're having the worst day of you life, remember that tomorrow starts a new adventure. There are people waiting to meet you. There are sights you haven't seen, stories you haven't shared. YOU ARE HERE AND YOU'RE IMPORTANT!