Monday, July 16, 2007

An Enchanted Place

For over 27 years, I've been privileged to live in an enchanted place. It's inspired my writing. My children have grown up here. My marriage has been happy here. I live in the woods of Connecticut in a very modest house. The house is surrounded by a dark green leafy forest in the back and sides and a planted overgrown tree garden in the front that transforms it into a very private place where golden light shines on cherry trees and tufts of grass on the hill sparkle with dew in the morning. This is the same hill that when snow covered provided the perfect sledding path for my children. I remember the time when they were on top of the hill close to the tree that separates us from the street with their sled and our dog Sabrina (half-Rottweiler and half-Doberman). I looked out the window and saw Sabrina sliding down the hill and into the bushes on her own. My girls were laughing. Sabrina actually loved sledding.

We have a giant pear tree (14 ft. high) on the other side of the shed. Last year it rested deciding it had provided enough pears for the family, friends, squirrels, and bees. When we bought it, the nursery had labeled it a dwarf tree so we were surprised when it kept growing. When that tree was still young in the yard, a hurricane ripped it out of the ground. My husband reseated it. I had read about talking to plants so I spent time talking to it. It seems to have enjoyed our conversations. Half the pine trees in the yard started out as Christmas trees that we planted. Each started with the family in a warm cozy home and then was given their own special spot in the yard. I prefer planting plants that show independence. The French pussy willows, the rhododendrons, holly, day lilies, etc. all came from me. The other pines, oaks, birches, cedars, and wild black raspberries and wild grapes all came from the Master Gardener. Together we built an enchanted world where dreams came true, fantasies happened, children played games, adults dreamed, and there was one heck of a Pooh party.

For the uninformed, a Pooh party is a tea party where each participant brings one stuffed friend. While the refreshments were delightful and the games fun, the company was excellent and that's what makes for a magnificent Pooh party.

Well, you're going to think I'm crazy but in about two years' time we're leaving. My husband loves the seashore where he grew up. I love the sea too. Health-wise it's probably better for me. Besides new stories are calling me from far away. I don't know where we'll end up, but I know the journey will be grand. So in moving from one enchanted place in search of another, I have learned it isn't the place, it's the company you keep that makes the magic.