Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happening at Nights of Passion

For two blogs in a row at Nights of Passion, I expounded on my personal preferences. Today I talked about my love of vampire movies, books, and tv shows. I think the most interesting thing I've heard in years is the rumour of putting "Dark Shadows" on the big screen. Ah, Jonathan Frid. I raced home every day from school, just to glue myself to the tv for his every performance as the tortured vampire that longed for romance. Now it appears Johnny Depp may be playing that unique vampire. I can't wait to see him try. Every "Dark Shadows" fan will be hoping it will live up to their expectations. I will be one of them. To explore the discussion about "True Blood" and some upcoming writers' conference dear to my heart, drop by Thanks. It's always lovely when you drop by.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Virtual Vacation to Egypt

I've given it some thought and when planning a vacation of the mind, why have limits. So first stop is Egypt. I love Egypt. When my parents went to Egypt they went on a private tour of a pyramid. I believe it started something like this.

First they entered between pillars and then went down a dark hall sloping always downward. You get a sense of the silence and magesty. There's also the feeling of ancient eyes watching, observing. What are you doing there? Why are you there?

Going down makes the heart flutter, palms sweat, despair is creeping in your consciousness. But be sharp and go slow. Nothing can touch you in this moment.

Here is our first treasure. Ah, going down the aisle with Cleopatra eating figs. A gentle breeze blows off the Nile. The servants are fanning you. (Hey, when I go on vacation, it's a vacation from stress and all limits. No lost baggage. In your imagination, go royal.) Speaking of royal, I think I've found her.

Is that really a sarcophagus with a guardian on top? I wonder who is inside. I wonder if they are dreaming of this world and thinking , "How strange we are." I will poke around the artifacts and see what else I come across.

We've found her. I think that's Queen Nefertiti. I'm going to sit here for a while and just admire her. After all, I've come a long way just to get here. There's no hurry to get back. It's dark, cool, silent and I can almost hear her whisper to me.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Writing Tips and and News on Nights of Passion

A Lot to Say plus Advice for a Young Writer is up on --this post is a mixture of writing tips and news.

I've gotten chatty on Nights of Passion. There's a lot of good advice for writers up today--advice from authors Carmen Hines talking about author and contest judge Toni Andrews. I talk about organizing ideas. I also invite guest bloggers to write about their favorite romance novel or romantic movie. Come visit. There's too much to write here. Visit us at the link above.