Saturday, May 30, 2009

Overwhelming My World

It's always ironic when you want to diet, that you overload your plate in other ways. I'm planning a wedding for a daughter, writing a blog on an almost daily basis, changing my website, working a job, submitting my novel, writing the next one, Twittering, and trying to keep up on emails and other correspondence. There are days when I sit on my bed and hand write in a journal my next book. There's something intrinsically elegant about handwriting. It's also very relaxing for me. Almost as relaxing as making jewelry. I love designing because it let the mind explore new shapes. I also love reading. Lately I've been reading Christine Feehan's Dark Celebration. It's very good overall. But again I am a bit confused with its label as paranormal romance. I would think it was urban fantasy. That's a debate that still continues as definitions either haven't really been ironed out or publishers are having different definitions and there's no industry standard. One definition says that paranormal romance is all about the couple, while urban fantasy is all about their world although there might be romantic elements. I love great stories with drama and excitement, but I also love great passion. So I guess I looking for a hybrid of the two. It's funny that my brain can entertain such a debate at 1 in the morning and in a state of spinning. I will have to find a way to adjust to new faster velocity my life is currently operating on.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nights of Passion Interview and Contest with Emily Bryan

In a short time, the book contest will end on Nights of Passion for Emily Bryan's book PLEASURING THE PIRATE. At 10 pm Eastern Time to be exact. To still make the contest, just go to the blog and comment on the interview. It's that easy.