Thursday, October 29, 2009

Understanding Publishing

I don't know that it's possible to understand publishing until you've been in it a long time. Being published means plunging headfirst into a business you only know the outside parts of.
Years ago, a friend told me that I was afraid of being published. He was right. I liked my very quiet life. Several months ago, another friend told me that when I published my life would change. She was right. I now have to concern myself with self-promotion which is a whole book in itself. I am knee-deep in edits from my editor. Though it is cool to say I have an editor and a cover artist. It's very exciting to be published.

It hits you when you see the cover. Not when you sign the contract. Not when the rewrites come. But when you see the cover. By the way, the book is a paranormal romance novella of 15,00o words and is available at

Now I've got more edits and two deadlines looming. My second novella A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS is in production. Also what is even more exciting is that my full length novel THE STORMY LOVE LIFE OF LAURA CORDELAIS is being published and is also in production.

Then I'll get excited again, when after they come out in print, they'll come out in print next year.

So what am I doing for Thanksgiving. Being incredibly grateful ... and continuing to write the next full length novel in the series.

But yes, I'm still excited and I hope to after many years to learn about the publishing business.
And don't forget to visit me tomorrow (Oct. 30) at Hannah Howell's blog I'll be talking about Halloween and the book. I love Halloween. I find it so inspiring. I can't imagine why. LOL

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Home from Albacon and Published

This week has been a worldwind. Albacon was lots of fun. You'll want to see the Albacon post at as I posted photos. There were workshops, panels, the booksigning, and parties. The readings were great and the art wonderful.

While at Albacon, I stole away an hour here and there to finish another novella that I promised my editor. There's something soothing about writing at a conference. I find it gives a special quality to the story to be partially created in the midst of living with science fiction and fantasy folk. I had to finish it by Oct. 15th, which was also the release date for WHEN LOVE SURVIVES.

As soon as I came home I had an interview at Paranormal Romantics. Today WHEN LOVE SURVIVES was released at All Romance Ebooks It's a contemporary paranormal romance novella, 15,000 words and it can be purchased for 99 cents. Courtship and sex, adventure and courage all wrapped up in one story.

a.c. Mason interviewed me for Nights of Passion. Yes, that's my other blog. It's rather funny being interviewed by someone who knows you. I kidded Mason a lot. She's fun that way. You'll just have to see the interview to know what I'm talking about. Plaid.

While my editor edits my full-length novel, I'm writing another one. Being a writer is being in perpetual motion, always writing, researching, living, and writing. It's important to always include living. I don't think I could be a writer if I had to be a recluse.

It's snowing today. Yes, a great day for writing. But not enough snow for snow angels and snow men. Not yet.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Making Romance History in Albany Oct. 9th

We’re going to be making Romance history when we bring romance to Albacon on Friday, October 9, 2009 at the Sovereign Best Western in Albany, NY.

From 9-3 will be writers workshops and romance panels. For registration, visit
Open to the Public: From 3-5 will be an exciting group book signing. Join us and be part of history. Tell all your friends and bring them too. Bring books from home and books will also be on sale.
Romance authors signing: Jackie Kessler, Jessica Andersen, Stella Price, Cat Johnson, Toni Andrews, Virginia Reede, C. Margery Kempe, Roberta C.M. DeCaprio
Fantasy authors signing: Melissa Mead, K.A. Laity
And a special treat for vampire literature lovers: Author of The Vampires of New England Series, Inanna Arthen
Join us and be part of making romance history. Tell all your friends and bring them too. You have my permission to spread the word to as many blogs and writers as you can. Copy this post and send it forth. Thanks.