Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Scenes in a Mind--A Movie in the Making

I had the great honor a few weeks ago to be invited to a movie shoot. The movie in progress is called "Scenes in a Mind". It's an independent film directed by Micheley Angelina. The scenes I saw shot that day were of the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto waiting to be put on trains for the Nazi death camps. I found it profounding moving and disturbing at the same time. I had to keep turning to look at the camera crew, so my mind wouldn't be tricked into thinking it was real. I don't want to tell the story line, but I found the heroism in it to shine brightly in a dark time. These are some of the private photos I shot that day. It makes you think. How far can evil go, before someone will stand up?
I don't know that it goes far enough just to remember.

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